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When I began working on this portfolio, disaster struck. Suddenly, I was forced to face the reality that there was a global pandemic that would forever change the way the world runs. Before, the significance of this collection was to highlight unity and love and how we need each other more than ever. Then, when 2020 began to spiral into a descent of division and distrust, I realized how relevant and prophetic this collection was. 

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Ọbara means 'blood' in Igbo, which relates to the philosophy that life is found within the blood. The first look (left) represents life and new beginnings with an asymmetrical sash carefully draped across the shoulders, but attached to a fitted pants. 

Empress (on the right) features the Ankara print cotton as the central element to the design. The circular dotted print alludes to the 'circle of life' and that we're all connected in it. 

Details for Empress includes side pleats which lie on top each other for the visual effect of layering and volume, while still maintaining structure and fit. 



The finale look of the collection, Almasi brings to life the tale of an Ancient God who watches over the world He creates. He sees only destruction and hate, and embarrassed at what His hands have produced, He hides Himself away from the world.

Only those who truly seek Him will find Him. And only those who truly understand the value of life and has learned to love are those who truly seek Him. 

For this look, I designs a jumpsuit with a palazzo pants and velvet corset-styled bodice to represent a heart of compassion and forgiveness, enshrouded in 'mysteries and secrets' represented by the hooded cape. 

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The Ankara fabric is culturally significant to West Africa. Printed on 100% wax cotton, has Dutch and Indonesian origins, but made it's way into African fashion and since then, has become a staple in many West African households. 

Ankara prints can be considered as a way to communicate among African women. Prints often have symbolized messages and meanings to the wearer. Ankara prints are often worn during celebrations and ceremonies. Today, these print fabrics are popular in the Caribbean and in Black America. 


View the technical flats for 'The Ruby Insignia'. Flats featured are those for the 'Almasi' look. 

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