Frequently Asked Questions


What is XAKÁNI?

XAKÁNI is a womenswear lifestyle brand that caters to the Black/Brown woman in terms of body type, culture, heritage, and aesthetics. XAKÁNI specializes in casual clothing designed to flatter women with more curvaceous features.

Who owns XAKÁNI?

XAKÁNI is run by R. N. Headlam aka Nickay.

Is XAKÁNI sustainable?

Yes! XAKÁNI believes in sustainability and ethical fashion. I strive to create a brand that is environmentally friendly and innovative by creating fashion that is stylish, comfortable, and designed with the environment in mind. I utilize textiles that are natural, innovative, recycable, and strive to practice methods that reduce fabric waste.

Is XAKÁNI vegan?

XAKÁNI is a completely vegan and cruelty-free fashion label. I do not use any animal-based fibers or textiles.