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The Nothing's Shocking portfolio pulls inspiration from several bodies of artistic work ranging from Jane's Addiction's 1988 album to famous surrealist artist Hans Bellmer. The collection includes the color shocking pink made famous by pioneer designer, Elsa Schiaparelli. All inspiration leads to how women are often sexualized in today's culture and the collection promises to make a commentary on female objectification by celebrating femininity. 

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FEMME FATALE (left) highlights the common issue that women face when it comes to their bodies. Body objectification and sexualization is sometimes extended even to the workplace, placing worth on looks. 

BARBIE (right) shows how women are often compared with impossible standards of beauty, and failure to achieve these impossible standards results in diminished self-worth.

Both looks are 'career' looks, focusing on jacket suits and coats. FEMME FATALE is a suit look featuring plaid print and BARBIE is a double-breasted coat layered over a cable knit sweater dress. 

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The tent dress covers the entire body, remaining shapeless and refraining from highlighting the curves of the body. With no curvature to the garment, it stands to be more conservative and modest. 

However, even in areas of modesty, we are drawn to 'automatically' observe and sexualize a woman. The automatic drawing of Unica Zürn is print-engineered on the dress to make this bold artistic statement. 

Linework and color-blocking details throughout the garment show the juxtaposition of how women are viewed—the black and white issue that women can only be nurturing mothers or sensual seductresses. 


Different prints have been used within the collection and this includes the shocking print which features a simple plaid in black and pink. The most prominent feature is seen in FEMME FATALE in the suit. 

Other print in featured in the collection is the engineered print of Unica Zürn's 'Automatic Drawing'. However, this engineered print is subjected to change with a replacement of a unique drawing developed specifically for the collection. 

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Nothing's Shocking features eight complete couture looks designed for a Fall/Winter collection. If you're interested in seeing more of this collection, fabrication, or more process work, contact me below. 

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