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SKU: XAK0120

XAKÁNI ‘Empress’ Earrings are hand-made earrings that are inspired by the beautiful art of crocheting found in the Caribbean. The ‘Empress’ Earrings are reflective of the Caribbean’s rich history in these hand-knitting techniques.


    The EMPRESS Earrings are hand-made crochet earrings made with acrylic yarn in black. There is only one in stock, however, custom-made earrings can be preordered. 


    Due to the nature of our business, we currently do not accept returns. 


    PLEASE NOTE: This product is only available in the British Virgin Islands at this time. In order to purchase this product, ensure that you have cash available and you are able to pick-up the items at a designated area. 

    NOTE: You can now pay with Paypal and ATH Móvil

    If you're unable to pick-up the item at the specific time, please send an email to or contact us via Facebook at Xakáni Designs (you can also DM us on out Instagram or Twitter @XAKANIDesigns) to inform us that you won't be able to pick up your item at the designated time. 

    We can hold items for up to three (3) days after purchasing (with proof of receipt). 

    If you would like your items to be delivered to you, please select that option and arrange how delivery will be made at the above email. 


    We are not accepting online payments right now, however, there are several ways you can purchase your items.

    NOTE: Currently, these jewelry items are available in the BVI (British Virgin Islands ONLY for pick-up and delivery).

    To purchase:

    1. Click 'Contact for Purchase' button with the style name and SKU of item.
    2. Say whether you want to purchase the item via Paypal or ATH Móvil.
    3. Tell me how you will like your items delivered to you. Please Note that pick-up is the preferred method of delivery. If you can pick-up, I will contact you to tell you where to pick-up your items. In this case, you can also pay with cash.
    4. If you would like your items to be delivered to you, I will set a time and a date for when you can pick up and pay for your items.
    5. An email will be sent to you confirming the above information along with the price. (An additional $2.00 will be added for delivery)

    These purchase options will be available to you at your convenience.

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